Why six-pages? Why only once a month?

Because we have to work and stuff at regular jobs. Because this comic, although awesome, doesn’t, and actually, cannot pay. Like, we get sued if any money comes our way, so don’t get sympathetic. We’d rather make the comic as it brings us joy. Six-pages doesn’t sound like a lot, and sometimes it may not feel like it, but it offers us the chance to explore different facets of the Star Wars universe that we find interesting. Also, we have short attention spans.

Why the 25th of every month?

We’re glad you asked, imaginary reader. Star Wars was released May 25th, 1977. We’re trying to keep with that tradition.

What is an anthology series?

“An anthology series is a radio or television series that presents a different story and a different set of characters in each episode or season/series,”  Wikipedia said.

Thanks, Wikipedia.

Is this canon?

Technically, no. It’s not even Legends material. It’s more “two adult men decided to make short sequential stories about Star Wars without the permission of Disney/Lucasfilm” material. That being said – canon also tends to reflect the stories you like within the fictional timeline. A lot of people refuse to think of the Prequel trilogy as being part of Star Wars, or refuse to acknowledge the Disney canon. For instance, I will always insist that Matthew Stover’s excellent Revenge of the Sith novelization overrides the film where they contradict, when, according to Lucasfilm, the inverse is true.

I guess what I am trying to say is that these comics are meant to be snapshots of the Star Wars universe, and they aren’t really supposed to conflict with the current canon, or at least, not purposefully. If you enjoy them, they can be a part of your personal canon. If not, why did you read all of that? Why do you hate yourself so much?

Are you guys worried about getting hit with a cease-and-desist?

Oh yeah. Yes. Uhuh. But, hey, we’re not making money from this, so we’re hoping Disney/Lucasfilm will, at best: enjoy what we are doing, compliment us on our looks, and offer us roles in the next Star Wars film. At worst, they’ll ignore us.

Do you guys take any donations?

No. Nope. But there are plenty of places out there who could use your money better than we ever could. If you like the comic a lot, please consider donating to the charity below. You can donate in our name, or not, or to a charity of your choice. Put your money and time to good use for people who need it.

Note: The goal here isn’t to politicize our comic. We don’t make this comic for charity purposes and it isn’t endorsed by any of the institutions below. We simply figured that, since we can’t get paid, you might as well be pointed in the direction of places who could use your money. We don’t want to make it a big deal.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – The AFSP helps save lives every day by educating people about mental health and suicide prevention.

Do you guys take submissions? Can I publish work on your site?

We don’t. The website is currently a platform to showcase our comics and affiliated work. This could change in the future, but right now we want to focus on our project. We do appreciate your interest. It’s actually really flattering.

How much do you guys like Star Wars?

*Sets down torch in front of a pyre that recreates the scene from Return of the Jedi where Luke burns Vader’s body including a stuffed dummy Vader stand-in*