A Star Wars Comic is a fan-made monthly anthology series exploring the small moments, characters, and themes of a galaxy, far far away. Each comic is six-pages and they release on the 25th of every month.

  • Jim Mello

    The Writer

    Jim is a freelance writer and the living embodiment of Star Wars. He did not go to school to learn how to write and all of his scripts are done in block-lettered crayon. When he is not yelling about Star Wars he’s talking about comics, quoting Jaws, and drinking coffee.


  • Alex Ray

    The Artist

    Alex is a freelance illustrator who was born and raised in the “wang” state of Florida. He went to school for painting, only to find he preferred doing things digitally. He loves his wife, his dog (she may actually be a tiny Ewok), making art, eating tasty food, drinking whiskey or craft beer, and his work-wife: Jim. And Star Wars.

    In his spare time, he tippity-types away trying to learn computer programming for no real reason.

  • Tony Ray

    The Graphic Designer

    Tony is an ex-pat living and working in London, keeping up with his fellow Star Wars addicts back home. He enjoys documentaries about the London underground and buying more games than playing them. You can find his work at http://tonyraydesigns.com.